Ladies cut:

Our stylists are trained and experienced in both short and long hair whether it be straight or wavy.Hair trends change all the time, yet the majority of styles are not ‘one size fits all’ – some WILL look better with different face shapes,it’s extremely important to take this into account when choosing your next haircut. Many customers come into the salon well prepared, with pictures or ideas about how they would like their haircut.

Gents cut:

Our barbers are very experienced and qualified in both modern & traditional styling including, beard trims & specialist clipper work. We stock the finest products including L’oreal and Fudge.

Technical Services:

Ranging from global colouring, highlighting, half a head of foils or a full head of foils, creative colouring,ombre, tint retouch, semi-permanent hair colouring, colour correction and specialist treatments available for all hair types, including fine, medium or coarse hair.

Wedding & Bridal Hair:

If you are getting married our staff is highly experienced in both bridal party and groom party hair for your big day.
Whether you would like a traditional, natural or contemporary look for your wedding day, we have a qualified stylists who can create the look you want in our salon.
Your trial runs will enable us to perfect your look to complement your whole bridal outfit before your special day arrives. We will work with you every step of the way because it is important that you find a bridal hairstyle that makes you look and feel great.

L'oreal professional salon:

We have worked with the L’oreal colour ranges for over the years and have an excellent knowledge of the range and more importantly the results speak for themselves!


Do you want a ‘haircure’ that cares for your hair like a manicure cares for your hands? Pro Fiber, our first long-lasting recharging haircare programme for damaged hair does just that.
The following three ranges are designed for different levels of thickness and sensitivity, you can achieve shiny and healthy-looking hair whatever your hair’s texture and level of damage are.
Level 1 Revive – For fine normal to slightly damaged hair.
Level 2Restore – For medium to thick damaged hair
Level 3 Recover – For thick very damaged hair.
The Pro Fiber programme starts exclusively in-salon with our hairdresser’s consultation, who will analyse the level of thickness and damage and then prescribe the perfect one for you.

ICON stylists cleanse, condition and groom the hair to provide maximum hydration, amazing shine and genuine health in every single strand of hair, they use the world’s finest preparations from L’oreal ensuring that optimum care is always achieved.

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