About us



My carrier as a hairdresser started in Poland with hard training at an Italian hairdressing school and long hours in a salon in Warsaw called "Salon Urody Gabriel”. The year 2005 brought some changes in my life when I took a job at "Lucci" in Windsor, UK. The work was still hard, but it allowed me to grow as a professional, helped me improve my English and made me fall in love with this wonderful area. I have always had an ambition of opening my own salon and in 2014 I started working in that direction. So 14 years of my career have brought me to my own shop, "Icon Visage Solutions”. I am still in my favourite town, in Windsor, just a few steps away from Windsor Castle. It is a challenging but exciting journey with the support of my lovely clients, old and new, who have become a part of my family.

I have a passion for working with hair, constantly learning and improving. I try to take a unique approach to hair cutting and colouring, taking inspiration from the world’s top hair stylists and the dynamic of our modern life. I am often told that my warm and attentive personality makes my clients come back again and again. I hope it is true as I am genially excited to see their faces and lovely smiles when they are happy with my work.



My name is Joanna and I am a fully qualified hairstylist. Hairdressing is my passion and It is always what i wanted to do. I enjoy getting to know my clients and their needs, then I can make them look and feel their best. I keep up to date with the latest cutting and colouring technics by going on various different courses, because I feel that hairdressing is always evolving, so you never stop learning. I also enjoy doing bridal hair because i like to put hair up, along with the fine and intrycate work this entails, and also helping to make the wedding morning run as smoothly as possible.